Time to Kick it Back and Lounge Sustainably: StrawberryMoon Apparel

- Team StrawberryMoon Apparel

At StrawberryMoon Apparel, we were excited to create quality tie dye clothing. However, we were conscious of the environmental impact of the clothing industry. We decided that we would take the sustainable route. Our clothes are organic, ethically made, sustainably sourced and certified at every level of production.

When it came to delivering our clothes, we struggled to find environmentally conscious packaging. We started with cardboard boxes but found they were not practical and too bulky. Then we found TishWish mailers - they are exactly what we were looking for! They look great, are high quality and compostable. We are now proud to say that from beginning to end we have taken all measures to have minimal environmental impact.

Better for the producer, better for the environment and better for the buyer.

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