What is the Timber Re-Leaf Project?


 Have you always wondered about how to be a sustainable brand &

how your brand can make an impact on the world? Look no further.

The Timber Re-Leaf Project was set up to solve the deforestation

problem in the world. We realize that the packaging industry takes a

toll on forests. So we decided to do something about it.In addition to

using paper that comes from responsibly grown forests, for every

order we receive, we plant a tree in areas that are barren and require

















The Perks, you ask?

You get to flaunt your Sustainable Packaging while making an impact on the world by placing an order with Tishwish,

you will become a part of the Timber Re-leaf Project. We will provide you with a badge to sustainably market your

products, along with which you also get to display the badge on your website. If you’d like to join, click on the button

below & we'll send you all the information to become a member in quick & easy steps.