3 Reasons to Switch to Eco-Friendly Packaging

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3 Reasons to Switch to Eco-Friendly Packaging

Packaging is a necessary evil. While we know it's not possible to eliminate packaging, it is possible to switch to more sustainable packaging including completely getting rid of single-use plastic packaging items.

Here are three reasons why you should make the switch to Eco-Friendly Packaging:

1) Decrease Our Carbon Footprint 

By using eco-friendly packaging, businesses are limiting the carbon footprint they leave on the planet. Using eco-friendly packaging means using packaging that can be composted, recycled, or that is biodegradable. This means that the packaging will be broken down in one way or another, and it will have less of a negative impact on the environment. 

In comparison, plastic packaging increases your business’ carbon footprint as most of it end ups in the landfills.

2) Easier to Dispose 

While plastic packaging and eco-friendly packaging can both be easily disposed of in the short term, there is a vast difference in the long term. Anyone can get rid of packaging waste, but it becomes more complicated when the same starts to pile up in our landfills. Unlike plastic packaging, eco-friendly packaging will be disposed of in a short amount of time, depending on if it's compostable (3-6 months), recyclable, or biodegradable. Even so, consumers can use their compost or recycling bins to start breaking down the material.

3) Make Yourself the Preferred Brand 

Nowadays there is competition for everything. Consumers need to consider why they will support one brand over another, and eco-friendly habits can be one of them! With environmental changes happening over the last few years, more and more consumers are now in favor of supporting businesses that choose to be eco-friendly. Even if it's just the packaging, showing your support may be the deciding factor between choosing your brand over another. In fact, 59% of consumers say they are less likely to buy a product if it uses harmful packaging, so every little eco-friendly consideration can help your business.  


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