A La Pina: Affordable and Quality Apparel Packaged Consciously

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A La Pina: Affordable and Quality Apparel Packaged Consciously

- By Marilyn Pina

A La Pina

My goal with A La Pina is to bring affordable and good quality apparel and
jewelry to anyone that wants to look and feel good. The idea of A La Pina
came to me while I was working on my senior year term project at F.I.T
After being laid off from my job at a fashion company in NYC due to
COVID-19, I found myself having so much time. Around July, I
finally decided to put all my knowledge and love for apparel together to
launch my own brand. A La Pina is owned and completely operated by me! I
try to align my beliefs with my company, so being sustainable where
possible was a huge factor.

After attending F.I.T and then interning/working in the fashion industry, I have seen first hand how wasteful this industry can be, especially in packaging. A solution I took to this problem was having "pretty" packaging that my customers can re-use or be more inclined to keep rather than throw out. Another approach I took is having compostable poly mailers that my customers can plant in their backyards or will break down in landfills. I was so happy when found Tishwish because they offered 100% compostable mailers.

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