At the intersection of Sustainability & Mental Health

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At the intersection of Sustainability & Mental Health

By Danai Mushayandebvu

Tell us about your brand?

Forward Ever, Backward Never is a small initiative with a big mission to destigmatize and change behaviours around mental health, created by me, Danai Mushayandebvu. It's my mission to support those greatly affected by mental health and mental illness, by creating a safe space to share freely about the things you be going through, and also to provide financial resources to mental health programs so that they can continue to help people with their amazing services.

Why is sustainability important for you and your brand?

Sustainability is important to me because we have the responsibility as citizens of this planet to take care of each other as best as possible. There are so many intersections between mental health and the environment, and it would be irresponsible for me or anybody else to create products that aren’t kind to the place we call home. It was very important for me to source sustainable products, from our tote, to the t-shirt to the candle, and naturally it all had to be shipped in beautiful and sustainable packaging, so Tishwish was the obvious choice! Plus your customer service, online presence and commitment to sustainability is 10 out of 10.

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