Buy This Dye: One off hand dyed pieces from Australia

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Buy This Dye: One off hand dyed pieces from Australia

-By Brittney Taylor

Buy this Dye started off as an isolation hobby that I wanted to share with
others! I love the fact all my pieces are one off and unique. Everything is
customizable and suitable for anyone! No one is excluded. It gives me a
chance to express my creativity and see other people enjoy my work.

Sustainably is important to me as it encourages other brands to be more
sustainable and try to convert people to care about our earth more and to
take responsibility for their carbon foot print. I believe as a small
business I can set an example to show its possible to be eco friendly and
cost efficient without any hassle. I love seeing the appreciation from
customers knowing I am doing my part to help the environment and prompt
others to do so.

I love Tishwish mailers, the design is gorgeous, fun and grabs people’s attention. The packaging has great info on it about the brand and it’s purpose. I love the double sticky line so that the mailer can be reused as well as composted. Love your work!

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