Why You Should Buy Sustainable Packaging

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Why You Should Buy Sustainable Packaging

Did you know that about 30% of all waste comes directly from plastic packaging waste? With online orders and shipping only increasing since the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more packaging waste has been produced. It's essential to understand why it's necessary to start using sustainable packaging!

What makes plastic packaging harmful?

Plastic packaging is hurting our environment when it begins to fill up our landfills. Due to its inability to break down, it remains in our landfill over time and increases our pollution. As the plastic sits in the landfill, exposed to sunlight, it releases toxic chemicals into the air that we and other organisms inhale. Some of the poisonous chemicals consist of acetone, benzene, and even methylene chloride. While it's apparent that plastic packaging may be a cost-effective option, its negative impact on the environment makes plastic packaging not worth the low cost.  

Here are the reasons why you should start using sustainable packaging

1) Helps to Eliminate Waste

By using packaging that is compostable or recyclable, you're helping to eliminate waste. These types of sustainable packaging will break down versus plastic packaging that ends up in our landfills. Compostable mailers break down between three to six months, and recycled mailers break down twelve to eighteen months. By showing your support for sustainable packaging, you are decreasing your carbon footprint. 

2) Uses Natural Ingredients  

Recognizing the products in your packaging most likely means that it's better for the environment than plastic packaging. Tons of small packaging businesses have their products made from cornstarch, coconut, and other plant-based materials because they will be broken down in a short period. Like food ingredients, if specific packaging includes unfamiliar terms, it's safe to assume that it will take longer to break down once the packaging is disregarded. The usage of natural ingredients is good for the environment, and clients will love it too! 

3) Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk may be the economically better choice, but there are environmental benefits as well! When you buy packaging in bulk, it firstly reduces the amount of individual packaging that goes into each order. It allows you to decrease excess waste and increase quantity all in one order. Additionally, buying in bulk reduces transportation time and costs. In this case, you are playing an active role in decreasing pollution! 


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