How To Get Others to be More Eco-Friendly

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How To Get Others to be More Eco-Friendly

While being eco-friendly may seem like an easy method of living for some, it may seem near impossible to live a different lifestyle for those who don't regularly practice it. It's essential to make a conscious effort and help inform others because we do this for our planet! Here are three easy tips on helping others to become more eco-friendly.

1) Set the standards 

If you want to see a change in others, you have to lead by example. Showing others what is to be expected is the only way your peers will understand what difference you're trying to create. It also is more likely to happen if you practice it consistently, as your peers are more likely to pick up on habits. 

2) Share!

Wanting your peers to be genuinely interested in the topic can stem from sharing exciting resources. You don't just have to share the basic knowledge of the benefits of being more eco-friendly; you can share with them your favorite brands, influencers, and tips if you think it will create a positive response. 

3) Eco-Friendly Giveaways 

Everybody loves gifts! Why not give your old peers either something eco-friendly or even passing down your nicely used items. For example, you can provide reusable water bottles, eco-friendly utensils, or even a nice bag made of recycled goods on holidays. Even if it's not a gifting season, you can still pass down clothing, accessories, and even containers to your friends or family. 

Regardless, be patient and understanding that it takes time for individuals to change. Please do what you can to help them along the process! 


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