Sustainably Comfortable with Away We Go Apparel

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Sustainably Comfortable with Away We Go Apparel

- By Lindsay

About Away We Go Apparel and why your business values sustainability.

So my brand is just a small-time, one-woman-show, I make and sell bright colourful handmade fleece sweaters. I live in the Canadian Prairies and it gets insanely cold, so I wanted to create a high-collared sweater that would be cozy and double as a scarf against the crazy winter winds!

I couldn't decide what colour to make this sweater, so I used 6 different colours, and my friends loved it! So I made some for friends, and then their friends, and so on. They're the perfect cozy sweater that will hopefully last each person a long time.

So sustainability to me, and in terms of my brand, means making conscientious choices in the things that you support, and being mindful of superfluousness and waste. I utilize most scraps from my sweater-making and turn them into fun and colourful abstract-style pillow cases that I will start selling in the fall. I am conscientious of packaging because (especially if it's "affordable") it's almost always single-use plastic! And it doesn't have to be. I love that Tishwish has a second strip, so you can send a care package to a loved one in a city with industrial composting! 




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