The Beauty in Sustainability: Holsol Studio

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The Beauty in Sustainability: Holsol Studio

- By Team Holsol Studio

Tell us about Holsol Studio and why your business values sustainability.

Holsol Studio is a collaborative design studio and a supportive platform for artists founded by Suldano Abdiruhman, Bokeum Jeon and Eloise Parisi. We have an online shop featuring curated vintage goods, handmade clothing and artist made home goods, as well as a process blog! Some of our commitments to sustainability include producing and stocking small and batch ethically sourced goods as well as uplifting the work of Black and indigenous makers.

As a brand that makes and sells garments it’s our responsibility to engage with the politics of the textile industry, and the reality that it’s one of the main contributors to climate change. This means that we are incredibly conscious about the materials we source for production, as well as making sure our values around ethicality align with our collaborators. 

How has your brand become more sustainable?

Nearly all the materials we use to produce our products are reclaimed from the waste stream whether reworked from other garments or purchased deadstock vintage fabric. We also aim to give a platform to artists and makers local to the east coast to reduce our carbon footprint. This practice extends to our packaging  which lead us to using Tishwish—we love that their packaging is minimal, intuitively designed and of course compostable!



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