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Transcending Fashion Sustainably

By Team Transcend

Tell us about Transcend and why your business values sustainability.

Nazia Siddiqui is the founder, CEO and creative head of Seattle based Transcend, a women’s fashion brand focused on art, comfort and sustainability. Nazia is passionate about art. Her debut collection, Blooming Rose, highlights south Asian art forms such as hand embroidery, watercolor prints, and natural fabrics. Nazia wants to revitalize art forms that she grew up with, to empower not just her customers but also her artisans and creators by giving their art a global platform.

Nazia grew up in India. Fashion wasn’t a luxury for few, it was a unique and personalized way to express oneself. Different regions of India displayed their own identities through textile art. Where in the northern city of Lucknow you would find chikankari – a luxuriously intricate hand-embroidery technique; in Rajasthan, you’d find mirror-work embroidery and beautiful bandhani (tie dye) in abundance. This formative experience is the basis for Transcend. Nazia channels her own melting-pot experience of carrying forward her Indian roots into her now-American life, by melding it into her brand and collection. She does this expertly by respecting tradition and transforming it to fit a modern woman’s needs. From pockets in every dress to classic silhouettes that don’t require any fuss, Transcend aims to solve the age old dilemma of “having nothing to wear” by offering pieces that women will want to wear again and again. This is why, each piece is designed thoughtfully and tells the story of the art and the artisan behind it.

Transcend has been a dream for Nazia since her teenage years. Ever since she lost the ability to create her clothes from scratch, to envision and then execute her own fashion ideas, she has wanted to recreate that experience for herself and for all Transcend women.

In college, Nazia focused on a business degree in order to one day realize her dreams of launching her own business. Nazia relies on her experience working at multiple fortune 500 companies for the last 15 years, to structure her business practices that cultivate an environment of creativity, inclusivity and empowerment for both the customers and creators in Transcend’s supply chain.

How has your brand become more sustainable?

Transcend is conscientious of all parts of the business. The aim of Transcend is to create beautiful and functional pieces for women while maintaining the artistry of its creators, and being gentle to the planet. Transcend’s wants to be cognizant of all parts of the supply chain. From highlighting the artists behind Transcend, to ensuring her customers have the fashion that feels customized and unique, to the sustainable and planet-friendly practices, Transcend is focused on its impact on the world and the artisans that bring its designs to life.

We use all natural or man-made sustainable fabrics that contain 0% micro-plastics. Our buttons are made of coconut shells so everything is bio-degradable at the end of its lifecycle. 

We have made the commitment to use all sustainable packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable.

One of our ‘2021 Sustainability Goals’ is to use packaging that doesn’t harm the planet. We take great care in sourcing our packaging supplies and everything from our tissue paper to tape and stickers are either recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable. See below for a full list of supplies used:

100% Compostable Soft Mailers 

100% Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Box

100% Recycled Tissue Paper

100% Recycled Paper Stickers 

Zero Waste, Recycled Shipping Labels 

100% Recycled Notecard with a personal message from the founder 

100% Recycled Plastic Envelopes to protect your dresses as they travel across US and Canada

Biodegradable Cello Tape

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