Sustainability Achieved by LQ Collective

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Sustainability Achieved by LQ Collective

- By Team LQ Collective

Tell us about LQ Collective and why your business values sustainability.

The LQ Collective is an online boutique comprised of products made in the USA, including our own private label, Leroy Quinn. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality products that are made ethically and sustainably, because we care about the people who make and wear our clothing and the planet that we all live on. Our sustainability efforts all started with choosing local and small batch production, which has a much lower carbon footprint than overseas manufacturing and means less fast fashion!

When we created our online store, we immediately added EcoCart to our website to allow customers the choice of offsetting the carbon footprint of each order. And most recently, shipping our products in compostable packaging from TISHWISH is another step we've taken toward becoming more sustainable, as we wanted to avoid single use packaging that would sit in a landfill for years to come!


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