Diversity & Sustainability: Zuri & Dre

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Diversity & Sustainability: Zuri & Dre

- By Team Zuri & Dre

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Tell us about Zuri & Dre and why your business values sustainability.

Zuri & Dre are Black plush dolls that officially launched in January 2021. They’re original based on the faces from Black Colouring Books (@BlackColouringBooks).

Zuri represents uniqueness. She’s a reminder that it’s okay to be different. It’s okay not to fit in. She represents young girls, who feel unnoticed, and unappreciated because of the melanin in their skin.

Dre is the epitome of Black Boy Joy. He’s a reinterpretation of boyhood, with no need to be serious, or tough. He’s what little boys resemble when given the space to be expressive, and more importantly, happy. 

How has your brand become more sustainable?

Every time I’m working on something related to the Zuri & Dre brand, I’m always wondering how I can it can answer at lease 1 question from my personal “sustainability list”:

A) Can it be reused after the customer receives it?

B) Can it be recycled after the customer receives it? or

C) Is it biodegradable/compostable? 

If it doesn’t answer any of those 3 questions then I figure out an alternative that will work. Even the bags that my plush dolls come in, are re-usable cloth/dust bags that the customer can use for the dolls or anything else that comes to mind; like packing their shoes for a road trip or even for small items on their shopping lists!

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