Bodhi Boutique: Chic with a side of Sustainable

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Bodhi Boutique: Chic with a side of Sustainable

- Sasha


Tell us about Bodhi Boutique and its sustainable efforts

A brand built to make you feel golden. Bodhi was created with the need to make everyone shine. Bodhi Boutique was created with the intention to offer affordable, high quality, gold plated jewelry for every occasion. Curated stackable pieces to paint your canvas in gold. At Bodhi we believe in the best from our product to our packaging. Bodhi is passionate about our planet & doing our part. All of our packaging is sustainable, delivering Bodhi to you in the chicest sustainable way. 
 Custom Compostable Mailers
What other steps are you taking to make sure that they company is continuously working towards sustainable living?
Starting with our 100% compostable mailers we also use personalized tissue paper 100% compostable & stamps made entirely with soy based ink. We are proud to be part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance. From our tissue, to our stickers, and stamps every order contributes to global reforestation. Together we have planted many trees in areas of need!
100% Custom Compostable Packaging

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