So what is the Timber Re-Leaf Project

Simply place an order through our site. Even a small order does some good.

And then we’ll plant a tree seed on your behalf everytime an order comes our way.

together we have planted


trees and counting…

An order that does the world of good

Our badge is a representation of every step of progression we take forward, not just as a company but as a partnership between your business, our company, and the planet itself.

You can download this badge and proudly show your contribution towards a brighter future.

We're on a mission

Restocking our tree supply not only reduces the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, it provides shelter for wildlife, reinforces soil, saves water and contributes to erosion control.

By using green production methods, we hope to encourage investment in renewables and reduce the use of fossil fuels which damage the ozone layer

Sourcing materials from small producers and enlisting the help of local communities to plant more trees, we want to develop our impact so that it’s felt on the ground.

Packaging shouldn’t be a necessary evil. We believe it is a neutral need to be met by inspiring innovations in plastic alternatives, without suffocating ecosystems.

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