In conversation with Niobe Alexandra from Studio Kynd

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In conversation with Niobe Alexandra from Studio Kynd

Please describe Studio Kynd in a few words.

Studio Kynd is a creative studio led by intention. Crafted and curated from the heart centre, we go above and beyond to help female-led business owners chase their dreams, no matter how wild they may be.

Why do you only choose to work with sustainable and 'kynd' brands?

It has always been a passion, through my own personal journey and it felt right to develop a business all around this. It is so important not only for mother earth, but for us as a species and all in which we share this planet with aswel. We want to work with those who align with our vibe and want to go that step further to do their bit.

What inspired you to start Studio Kynd?

I feel like I had been manifesting it for years and it kind of just happened overnight. One day I was nursing and then a couple of weeks later, I had founded Studio Kynd and never looked back. Design had always been a passion of mine and the pandemic granted us the time to explore new things and that was my time to finally commit to playing around with design and I started an Instagram account without the intention of starting a business, however it was meant to happen as here we are two years later, thriving and spreading kynd energy all around the world and I am honestly so happy and grateful for it. 

What advice do you have for people looking to start a branding studio?

Go for it, if it is your passion. When starting out, do as many passion projects in your spare time to attract your dream clients and just remain authentic to you. We offer guidance sessions for people looking to join the industry, or just for anyone in general wanting to start a business and chase their dreams. You can find out more via this link (

When designing packaging for various brands, how do you ensure that you incorporate sustainable elements?

We always think outside the box (literally, ha). It could be actually by limiting the amount of packaging in which we design, or by using elements such as “embedded seeds” to our packaging design so once they have been used they will bring a new lease of life, or designing thank you notes in which you can frame, or give to a friend as an example. As part of our branding process, we delve deep into strategy and fully understand what will work for the brand and for their dream clients.

For smaller brands looking to start out, how do you recommend they choose sustainable packaging cost-effectively? What do you look for?

We always recommend that they have a look around and choose a supplier in which aligns with them. Packaging is an investment so we recommend that they start with the essentials and add on. We are very honest with our clients and try to avoid as much waste as possible so if certain packaging is not needed, we would discuss this with the client to find alternative solutions to avoid waste and cut down costs at the same time. It is a win, win situation, not only for the clients but for the planet too.

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