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Fitonia: Sustainable Streetwear

- Kris Bajaj


Why is sustainability important for you and your brand?

Sustainability is one of our key brand values, and something the founders are extremely passionate about. Sustainability can mean different things to different people, but for us it means: Environmental protection, Social Development as well as economic development. We have created our brand and production line with this in mind. Our T-Shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and we use plastic free inks for our prints, the packaging we use is from Tishwish, who are able to provide us with 100% compostable packaging, and the Re-Leaf project means that for every order we place, a tree is planted. We also partner with CoolEarth, who we donate 10% of our profits to in order to support them in their vital work in conserving not just the rainforests, but also the communities that depend on them. Our efforts may only be a small drop in the ocean, especially in the grand scheme of things, but we want to be at the front pushing for new ways of creating ethically sourced and sustainable products that are fashionable and do not negatively impact the environment.

We are Fitonia, named after a plant found commonly in South America. They are easily identified as their leaves have bright coloured veins (Usually red). The key inspirations behind our brand are the environment as well as South American cultures. This ties in well with our brand values of Ethical sourcing, being Eco-Friendly and Customer Satisfaction. We source all our materials and products in a way that is responsible and sustainable as it is important to us that the people involved in the production of our products are safe and treated fairly. We also aim to be Eco-Friendly with our packaging and the materials that we use, with our T-Shirts being made from 100% organic cotton. Lastly, we can not achieve our goal or vision without our customers, who trust us to provide them with products of the highest quality and offering them exceptional customer service. We are hoping that with time, we are able to create a brand that embodies the spirit of Incan/Mayan culture as well as the power of the South American rainforest. As a brand we have also carefully selected to partner with Non-Profit organisations to enable us to provide support in the work they do in preserving rainforests, fighting deforestation and supporting communities that depend on these things to survive.

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  • Pranay Singh

    Really interesting brand! Similar to Patagonia, but more affordable. They currently only seem to have a small collection so I’m excited to see how they grow!

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