Sustainability with Angry Women Apparel

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Sustainability with Angry Women Apparel

- By Team Angry Women Apparel

Tell us about Angry Women Apparel.

Angry Women Apparel is run by the queers to fear, Indika Gibb and Rachel Chapman.We take a very intersectional and pissed off approach to bring you one of a kind designs. Addressing feminism and society today by the beat of our own drum through hand printed goods. Self taught screen printers/artists we are Toronto-based and ready to fight.

Why is sustainability important to you and your brand?

Sustainability is important to us at Angry Women because without this earth we would truly have nothing. Being kind to this earth while spreading messages of equality and justice go hand in hand. We strive to create, print, ship with sustainable goods and always try to be mindful of the products we employ to do so.

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  • Tiffany Powell

    Do you have bags that a 24×16×6cm box will fit inside

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