Women, Sustainability, and Fashion: PMSPrioritizingMyself

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Women, Sustainability, and Fashion: PMSPrioritizingMyself

- By Team PMSPrioritizingMyself

Tell us about PMSPrioritizingMyself and why your business values sustainability.

The mission of PMSPrioritizingMySelf is to celebrate and honor women while lifting up those typically marginalized by social injustices.  PMSPrioritizingMySelf is the first truly not-for-profit fashion company in which women from all walks of life are the designers, and all profits are donated to a charity of the designer’s choosing. 


How has your brand become more sustainable?


We are using how match we can all recycle product, all our t-shirts are made with 100% recycled cotton bamboo, and all our packaging are made with reusable material. Be sustainable is very important to us and we think should be a priority for all.

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