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Sustainable Accessories: Haus of Accessories

- By Team Haus of Accessories

Tell us about Haus of Accessories and why your business values sustainability.

Haus of Accessories is a brand created with two premises on mind, the first is to help people to style a watch that most of us have and find extremely helpful day by day, even the watch was focused on sporty lifestyle, we all use it for more than just sports, this is why we want you to make the most of it with the right accessory. 
Sustainability is very important to us because we don't believe that nowadays you need to pick either style or to do something for the planet, we can combine both and be stylish without buying products that don't won't help with the cause.

How has your brand become more sustainable?

The first step was to make our products from recycled materials, with that step taken care of, our concern was how to avoid plastic in bags and shipping labels? We found Tishwish and gave it a try! We weren't sure on what to expect on quality, we didn't want our customers to feel a big difference or maybe not experience high quality for an eco-friendly material, but our bags are absolutely beautiful and have the luxurious feeling that we were looking for, huge plus; Plastic FREE!

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