Hey Babe, I'm Home

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Hey Babe, I'm Home

- Renata Cambauva, Founder

Tell us about your brand?

Our journey started in 2019.
We were first based in London, because that was a new type of market for Fine and Demi Fine Jewelry. But my partner gave it up pre-pandemic. I pushed forward, because I believed we could be resilient. I believed we could bring a more conscious approach to this industry.

How does your brand adopt sustainable practices? 

A lot fell apart. And we witnessed it happen in many ways, around the world too.
But we all pushed forward as a collective. For this brand, in particular,  the “fast fashion” aspect of it fell apart. 

We decided to use responsible gold combined with recycled gold. 

We decided to embrace made to order and lab grown and responsibly sourced stones. 

We decided to be made local and source consciously. 

We decided to truly embrace Modular, so our customers could have fun building their own looks by buying individually, while staying flexible within their budgets.

We decided to change our fancy jewelry boxes that had plastic hinges for pouches that were made of canvas. 

We looked into bringing positivity into our brand, and fun, because that was what the world needs most right now. 

So, when the “Hey Babe I’m Home” compostable mailer came to life, we wanted to let everyone know we were happy to be home with them. 

Being at home, is also feeling at home in our own bodies. Finding comfort in that. Finding Peace within.

It’s a small output to have a mailer that tells you they are happy to be home with you or a thank you note made of seed plantable paper. 

We know. But it is also a reminder of the smallest things we can do to and be better. 

To ourselves and the rest of the world around us. 

And if you can do it looking this good, with something you are proud to wear because it was designed and made especially for you. 

Then THAT, is a true WIN.

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