SHOPUBBI'S Take on Sustainability

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SHOPUBBI'S Take on Sustainability


Tell us about SHOPUBBI and why your business values sustainability.

SHOPUBBI is a sustainable solution to shop a diverse collection of affordable, curated, fast, vintage, and high fashion items for women. We encourage sustainability due to the current waste created by the textile industry. Recycling and reusing clothes helps combat our global climate crisis. It also ensures less waste is disposed of into landfills whilst conserving the natural resources used to produce clothing.

How has your brand become more sustainable?

Here at SHOPUBBI we've made the commitment to be entirely eco-friendly. We've taken the steps to ensure our process of sourcing items for customers to shipping orders out is sustainable from start to finish. We specialize in an eclectic collection of curated second-hand designer and brand name items ranging from clothes and accessories to shoes. The brands we carry offer unique, timeless looks that stay on trend for years to come in your closet therefore reducing the amount of clothing consumption you'll need to do on a seasonal basis.

Our packaging (mailers) and stickers from Tishwish are 100% compostable. In addition, all promotional flyers inside our packaging are made from raw materials which include PCW (post consumer waste) printed with 100% water-based biodegradable inks.

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